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Silicon carbide

 Date:2017-04-10 20:06:13

Si-C alloy is a new type of alloy for converter alloy, which can replace ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, carbonizer, reduce the amount of deoxidizer, for de-oxygenation of converter smelting process, stable effect, chemical composition of steel, mechanical properties and Internal control quality is superior to the traditional process. Its characteristics: to improve the quality of molten steel, improve product quality, improve product new energy, reduce the amount of alloy, reduce the cost of steel, increase economic efficiency. For a long time, the converter alloy has not been adjusted, the traditional alloy variety structure is relatively simple, that is, Q195, Q235 steel using Mnsi + FeSi + SiAiCaBa + Sic + carbon agent process, HRB335, HRB400 steel using MnSi + Fesi + AiSi + Carbon agent production process. The traditional silicon-manganese alloy, ferrosilicon resources increasingly tense, the market price all the way up, making the converter steelmaking costs gradually increased, reducing the profitability of steel space, and the recovery rate of traditional alloy by the impact of larger converter operation, The end point temperature and the amount of slag make the alloy composition in the finished product fluctuate greatly. Resulting in unstable chemical composition of smelting steel, finished product internal control indicators pass rate is low.

As the silicon-carbon alloy is a new alloy, the current production of silicon carbide alloy manufacturers are not many, mainly in Henan Anyang area. From the use of silicon carbon alloy can be seen in the replacement of some alloys have a great advantage, the demand for silicon steel alloy is also increasing, so the prospects for silicon carbon alloy.