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Metal silicon rally has been unable to talk about the price

 Date:2017-08-16 11:06:35
"Global Ferroalloy" 2017-8-11: Today, the domestic metal silicon prices continue to rise trend, the face of the current market rally fierce, is already a price in the morning, the afternoon is another price, so now has no way to talk about the price, And due to tight supply and silicon factory reluctant to sell the main, resulting in the spot market is extremely difficult to purchase.

        As of this morning, according to the global iron alloy network to understand, 553 # non-oxygen metal silicon sent to the Huangpu port tax delivery price in the 12100-12200 yuan / ton, but by the time of the afternoon, some high prices have been raised to 12300-12500 yuan / Ton up and down, and even Yunnan silicon factory Kunming delivery price also reached 12300-12400 yuan / ton, this rally is too violent, and 441 # metal silicon prices are gradually leaning to 13,000 yuan / ton, 3303 # metal silicon prices The more dependent 14,000 yuan / ton up and down.

        And more silicon plants are said that the current orders full, there is no cash for sale, and some traders have signed with the silicon factory, then have suffered a lot of regret the situation, the silicon factory that the latest offer need to wait 8 On the 15th after the report will be reported, some industry sources, I am afraid next week 553 # oxygen metal silicon have to sell 13,000 yuan / ton or more, so the overall show "no highest, only higher" trend Also give downstream procurement caused more trouble and trouble.

        In the face of such a price hike, as some industry participants have said, the net price is already difficult to keep up with the silicon plant to raise prices, and in the cost of continuous growth and environmental protection under the situation, more silicon production is also subject to constraints, resulting in metal Silicon market, low prices simply can not buy the goods, and even to ensure that the old customer long single supply case, the majority of silicon factory to facilitate price adjustment, the scattered orders are more than a day sign, and some do not reach its psychological price temporarily not for sale , And a small number of low-cost transactions are more than a single person, which can be seen rising prices of metal silicon gains difficult to block, is expected next week there is a significant significant price changes on the trend and space.
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