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Yitong Metallurgical Refractory New Products Go Online

 Date:2018-12-03 9:42:22

Yitong Metallurgical Refractory New Products Go Online!Manganese Metal Series, a new product of Yitong Metallurgy Refractory, is online. The details are as follows:

1Nitrided Manganese is a new additive for iron and steel metallurgy that we recently developed.Manganese and Nitrogen can replace Nickle in stainless steel It has a wide horizon of development in the rising market with the emergent demand of special alloys steel, Hi-strength stainless, Hi-nitrogen steel.

We newly developed the method of vacuum oven high temperature high pressure nitrided sintering and the nitrogen of our product is higher than 8%.Nitrided Manganese Metal Lumps(high nitrogen content)

2、Electrolytic Manganese Metal Powder is suitable for using with powder injection technology for alloying of Aluminum. It is also used in the production of flux cored welding wire for different welding applications.

3、Electrolytic Manganese Metal Flake has been widely used in production of steel and stainless steel and Non-Steel alloys. It plays important role in desulfurization, deoxidation and alloying. Manganese can increase strength, tenacity, abrasive resistance, and corrosion resistance of steel.

4、Manganese Metal Briquettes is an intermediate for iron and steel metallurgy. It is used in the end of the steel-making to achieve the final desulfurization and deoxidation and alloying, so as to improve the strength and toughness of high quality steel and high manganese alloys.

5、Manganese Metal Lumps is an additive for steel making and Non-steel Alloys. It can go deep inside of liquid Steel to achieve the final manganese concentration required in steel. 

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