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Metallurgical refractories with wax industry standard or at the end of the implementation

 Date:2017-06-29 18:20:22

By the National National Standardization Technical Committee, Zhejiang Independent Co., Ltd. led, in conjunction with the Metallurgical Industry Information Standards Institute and other units of the working group for the "metallurgical refractory wax stone" YB / T0052 industry standards, in January this year to form The standard draft, today to complete the request for advice, the next step will be sent to the national standard for approval. The standard is implemented at the end of the year.
Wax stone is a natural pyrophyllite as the main mineral of natural ore, its composition is also a small amount of quartz, kaolinite, feldspar and other associated minerals, with a creamy and fat luster. Pyrophyllite is an aqueous aluminosilicate, the main origin of China, the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan and South Korea and other places, the earliest found in China's Fujian Shoushan, so early also known as Shoushan stone.
Wax stone variety, use different, can be used as stone and stone, daily cosmetics, ceramics, glass and cement, metallurgical refractories and other raw materials. Can be used as metallurgical refractory materials for the pyrophyllite, the Al2O3 content should be less than 25%, SiO2 content should be more than 70%. Although it is natural ore, but the refractoriness is high, the conductivity is low, the chemical stability is good, the high temperature has a certain expansion and creep, can be directly used for waxy stone brick, water gun and other metallurgical refractory production The
Metallurgical refractories with wax stone industry standards comprehensive domestic and foreign metallurgical refractories with wax stone mining, use and the actual level of product testing, metallurgical refractories with wax products according to grades were distinguished, and put forward the corresponding technical indicators.
This standard will guide the research institutes, production units to further study and promote the product to provide the basis and norms, but also to provide users with a more complete and applicable reference to fill the gaps in the field of the domestic.

Source: China Refractories of the window network