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Shanxi bauxite stop production! Shandong mill enterprises shut down! Price, out of stock or will become normal!

 Date:2017-08-16 11:01:37
Some time ago by the electrode, bauxite and other raw material prices, the rapid increase in the cost of corundum, in the industry set off a sort of a small price storm. One day a price does not say, a lot of corundum production enterprises and even appeared out of stock, cut off the phenomenon. Price pressure through the layers of conduction, part of the abrasive enterprises can not withstand the pressure, have to raise prices, the whole market is chaotic, a lot of grinding friends complained.

However, when the mill friends feel more and more difficult to do business, the market more and more chaotic time, Shanxi, Shandong, Hebei and other places and then exposed a large area of ​​bauxite shutdown, abrasive abrasive business was shut down! Those who because of price increases, out of business shouting business do not go to the mill friends, 2017 in the second half, you really ready?
Shanxi bauxum nineteenth and during the National Games will be discontinued
It is understood that the Shanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau has given the province's county production enterprises issued a document, requirements: August 14 to September 14, there is no three cards to cooperate with environmental protection, Nineteen and the National Games, regardless of whether the documents are complete, the production enterprises all stop production!
In the July 30 meeting of the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate to monitor the situation in Shanxi Province, the Inspectorate said: In recent years, Shanxi ecological environmental protection work has made positive progress, but the environmental situation is still grim.
Shanxi Provincial Party Committee Secretary Luo Huining pointed out that the environmental protection work of the Inspectorate pointed out: to strengthen the iron fist pollution control, with extraordinary efforts to counteract the development of restructuring, to take a solid grasp of "scattered pollution" enterprises, industrial enterprises illegal sewage remediation Special action.
As of the end of June 2017, Shanxi issued by the Inspectorate on the 3582 environmental issues reported has been basically settled, ordered to rectify 2485, on file for punishment 856, a fine of 71.797 million yuan; 22 cases of investigation, detention of 61 people; interview 1589 , Accountability of 1071 people.

Shanxi Province is both China's coal province, but also China's bauxite, bauxite resources, the main producing areas, Shanxi Province, once again the trend of environmental protection policy, for coal, refractories, electrolytic aluminum and other industries will have a greater impact, especially Is the refractory industry bulk raw materials bauxite. After the early tension, the price has been high, the late baitite market development is unpredictable, and now Xiaobian want to talk about the relevant mill is "ahead of stock it!

Central Third Environmental Protection Inspectorate stationed in Shandong, refractory production capacity reduced by 50%, mill all shut down
On August 10, 2017, the Central Third Environmental Protection Inspectorate was stationed in Shandong Province to carry out environmental protection inspectors. According to the arrangement, the Central Third Environmental Protection Inspectorate is stationed for about one month (August 10 - September 10, 2017).

Inspectorate stationed in Shandong Province will focus on inspecting the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, the Government to implement the national environmental protection decision-making arrangements to address the outstanding environmental issues, the implementation of the main responsibility for environmental protection.

August 13, the Central Third Environmental Protection Inspectorate to Shandong Province to transfer the second batch of mass petition report 89. The batch of letters and visits to the transfer, involving a total of 16 cities, namely: Jinan City, 23, Qingdao City, 4, Zibo City, 5, Zaozhuang City 2, Dongying City, 4, Yantai City, 12, Weifang City 8 Jining City 1, Tai'an City 1, Laiwu City 4, Linyi City 11, Texas 4, Liaocheng City 1, Binzhou City 5, Heze City 1.

According to enthusiastic fans said, most of the abrasive abrasive business, Shandong Weiqiao and the letter of the Group of 3.21 million tons of illegal electrolytic aluminum production capacity are required to shut down all.

In addition, the refractory industry is also facing the regulation of high pressure. On the one hand is the implementation of the total control, requiring the end of this year, Zibo refractory production capacity in 2015 based on the reduction of 50%, the total control of 1.5 million tons, of which the upgrading of production capacity in about 600,000 tons, Admission capacity control in the 900,000 tons or so.

Hebei Province in the history of the most stringent winter measures released
Hebei Provincial Environmental Protection Office recently announced the "Hebei heavy pollution weather response and heating season peak production of special implementation plan" (hereinafter referred to as "" program "). "Program" said, in order to increase the production of heating season, the intensity of industrial production, in accordance with the basic offset of the winter heating new pollutants emissions of the principle of the development of enterprise peak production work program and task list.

According to the "program", limited production, stop production measures cover cement, casting, brick kiln, steel, nonferrous metals, electricity, electrolytic aluminum, chemical enterprises. From this program can be seen, for the control of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei winter haze weather, Hebei Province for the industrial sector has taken the most stringent in the history of the stage of the cut-off measures.
According to the relevant statistics and estimates, the production limit production, which may make this winter Hebei Province, steel production up to 50 million tons. According to the analysis and calculation, the production of production measures will be based on the actual implementation of efforts to bring the relevant industrial prices rose to varying degrees, the results will eventually be reflected and reflected to the PPI up.

Recently friends circle often see this information:
"Hebei stop production, Beijing cut-off, stop production in Shandong, Henan shutdown, Shanxi shutdown, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei comprehensive shutdown! Finally to the money is not necessarily the era of goods. Iron in the roar, aluminum in the call, cartons in the laughing, Jumping, polishing is also quacking, the electrode in the roar, the freight is also floating up, raw material costs high fever, environmental protection also to join in the fun, up we can not think of the price has been completely messed up! God, do not tell us that can Can not offer, you should be concerned about whether there is no goods!

After the abrasive abrasive manufacturers are like this:
Money is not necessarily buy abrasive,
Raw materials rose, environmental thorough investigation,
Even if the abrasive production is not necessarily able to do abrasive,
Abrasives do not necessarily can be packaged,
Because the carton prices!
Wood is also price increases!
So the focus came, a lot of plants have a single dare not pick up,
Some sold out of stock on the out of stock.
How are you? Do you want to be slow? The current industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, some can not stand the market test enterprises will be the first to be eliminated, in the 2080 market rules, the reshuffle of the pain is inevitable, grinding friends, bite the teeth hold it, carry the past Just fine!
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