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The 19th Shanghai Metallurgical Exhibition successfully concluded, 2018 and then together!

 Date:2017-12-01 13:07:00
The 19th Shanghai International Metallurgical Industry Exhibition is sponsored by China BaoWu Steel Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Institute of Metals, Shanghai Green Steel Metallurgical Technology Center, Allianz Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce, China Special Steel Enterprises Association, China Refractory Industry Association, China Steel Association Steel Branch, the China Steel Association Wire Products Branch, Shanghai Steel Tube Association and other units co-sponsored by the Shanghai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai hosted large metal metallurgical industry event, founded in 1986, now has 32 years history.
Metallurgical exhibition held over the same period MTM World, compared with previous sessions, this exhibition to create a full all-steel metallurgical industry chain show more prominent image of the platform, the strength is more consolidated. The exhibition runs through seven major sections of metallurgical equipment, refractory materials, foundry die-casting, metal pipe, sheet metal, wire and steel structure. In the meantime, it also held a number of high-end forums and business activities. It is also a domestic steel and metallurgy, metal material and metal products industry Important exchange and purchasing platform.
As one of the two wings of China's steel industry, private steel companies also need to have an international platform for centralized display, image enhancement and exchange and interaction. This exhibition has been favored by them. It is worth mentioning that Hebei Dedicated Group, Hall W4, respectively, set up a booth, exhibition area of ​​nearly 500 square meters, the leadership of the Group attaches great importance to the chairman of Li Rampo personally visit the site guidance. In addition, the new gold, Jiujiang and other private steel prices also participated in the show.
Two major media industry to help refractories exhibition
Refractory exhibition area has been China's refractory industry association's strong support for exhibitors participating units active, self-reliance, Red Eagle and other large-scale exhibition on the exhibitors at the same time more diversified in the form of exhibition to find the refractory material network, easy to resistant network and other industries The media all bring member units to exhibitors in the form of pavilions. The site also held a "2017 Internet + Refractory Industry Summit Forum"
Pipe exhibition brand exhibitors gathered, as the biggest highlight of the show
As an important part of the exhibition - Pipe Pavilion in Hall W4. This exhibition of steel pipe brands exhibitors gathered, the industry's biggest names were all present. Tianjin Pipe, Tianjin Youfa, Jinzhou Pipeline, Hebei Tianchuang, Germany and New Tube, Hengshui Jinghua, Jiangsu Changbao, the source Tade Run, Crystal Palace Steel Pipe, Shanghai Tianyang, Zhejiang Ming He, Conte Electrical and Mechanical Services should be up to industry, Ming-radium, Sifangyiyi, Al-Qaeda and other nearly 100 steel and production and processing equipment companies are exhibitors in the form of special equipment. It is worth mentioning that Shanghai Tianyang Steel Tube won the booth of 186 square meters in one fell swoop, with its new product - Tianyang bimetal composite tube complete sets of equipment debut exhibition, the device is the chief scientist of Tianyang after 11 modifications , Is currently China's most advanced third-generation bimetallic composite pipe production equipment, the exhibition site much attention.
During the exhibition, a number of large-scale and multi-angle professional forums were held. The conference site was packed and active. Many participants expressed their high quality and benefit from the conference over the same period.
In order to help exhibitors find better potential buyers, the organizers organized a number of corporate purchasing groups to visit the show, such as: Steel Enterprise Spare Parts Procurement Group, FOXCONN Purchase Group, Korea Procurement Group and so on.
The next Shanghai Metallurgical Exhibition together with the MTM Metal World Expo will be held November 19-21, 2018 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center again, the organizers have been actively planning, let us look forward to!
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